Debunk Myths About Dating Over 50

debunk-myths-dating-over-50 Dating over 50 can be very daunting. You have been out of practice for many years maybe and a fear of the unknown consumes you. However it does not take rocket science to figure your way out again like the younger days. You may have discussed the prospect of dating over 50 with your peers and must have heard several opinions. While some of the opinions hold true, there are several myths attached to dating over 50 too. Dating in your 50s can be fun and exciting like it was before. If done right with the right mind set and letting go of any prejudices, you too can find happiness through dating. We have discussed some of the myths for you below.

  • Myth-People who are divorced/widowed/have children have more baggage that the people who never got married.
  • The thinking that people who have gone through a divorce or have children have more baggage that those who did not get married at all. Having emotional baggage is not an exclusive thing for the divorcees or parents. Everyone has a different way of handling stress and problems in life. Some carry more baggage than the others. You cannot judge people based on what they have been through in life. Keep an open-minded approach about dating and you will figure it out.

  • Myth-Men over 50 want to date younger women only.
  • While this may be true in some cases. It is not a general thing. Many people over 50 are willing to date someone their own age. They want someone who can relate to the same stuff that they do to as well. They look for that attraction and compatibility that makes them want to hold on to a person.

  • Myth-People over 50 don’t want love.
  • There is no truth to this opinion. Dating over 50, people not only look for companionship and to have someone by their side for the remainder of their lives. They want love too. In fact as you grow older you crave someone’s affection more than you did when you were younger. You never know you may even find your one true love over 50 that you had been longing for all your life. Love does not come with an age limit.

  • Myth-People become less selective dating over 50.
  • The opposite happens in reality generally. As people get older they tend to get less tolerant in dealing with drama and fakeness. They are more inclined towards people who share their personality traits or possess qualities that truly matter to them.

  • Myth-People over 50 still enjoy the chase and the challenge.
  • This is not really true. Dating over 50 is more like setting out to find a companion that you feel attracted to and can have a good time with. Women no longer enjoy playing games and playing hard to get. Men no longer enjoy the chase like they did when they were younger. As there are less competitors as you grow older than when you were younger, there is no need to make dating a challenge and scheming ways. People over 50 have more maturity and have more responsibilities, they see playing games as a waste of time.

There you go! Without thinking about these myths, put yourself out there and find a partner for yourself.